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"Just like all the moms, I love to see my baby sleep tight, eat well and laugh happily everyday.

I may not have the super power to pull a star but I tried my best to reach a cloud instead..."



Babies’ skin is incredibly sensitive - 30 times thinner than adult skin; therefore, any bacteria, allergen in the air, or inducer such as pollution, plasticizer, or chemical hazard, may enter into the baby's body through their skin. Some studies show that a rash may occur on the baby’s skin upon topical contact with a nut or peanut, without having consumed it. Babies’ skin absorbs nearly everything, good or bad.

Proudly founded in London, OLIVIA YVES was established by a mother, whose baby girl had been suffering Atopic Dermatitis (also known as Infantile Eczema) since birth. After a long period of searching for the finest fabrics for sensitive and delicate skin, such as that of her daughter, the world-class premium Pima cotton was finally found, in order to create baby garments.


All collections by OLIVIA YVES LONDON are not only beautifully designed with love, but also made with ethically sourced, 100% organic Pima cotton, good for both nature and babies. Because of their extra-long staples (ELS), a characteristic of Pima Cotton, OLIVIA YVES garments maintain a smooth, delicate feel, as if being embraced by a soft, billowy cloud. Above all, the garments are extraordinary for newborns with sensitive skin, as well as babies who are prone to rashes, eczema, and easily irritable skin.

OLIVIA YVES is devoted to creating premium organic baby garments that are genuinely natural, elegant, and extremely comfortable. We believe that babies less than one year old, need nothing more than pure simplicity. No harmful fertilizers or pesticides can be found in our cotton. No machine harvesting (which damages the delicate fibers), and no bleaching or chemical dying occur during the manufacturing process. We love to see our babies being gently and safely wrapped in purity, and as warm and soft as if in their mother's arms. 

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